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Da Capo Poster - with Laurels 2.jpg

A young woman practices alone at night, under the watchful gaze of her demon, in this short horror film about mental health and creativity. 

Da Capo is our fifth short horror film, but our first time recording part of a film score live on set!

This micro short explores mental health and creativity through a horror lens, and features an original score written by director/actress Becki Pantling. 

It successfully screened at international festivals during 2019 - watch this space for more information on when you can see it!


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We're always happy for our work to reach new audiences, so if you're interested in screening the film, reviewing it or featuring it in an article, please do get in touch!

"Da Capo was both an ambitious and a very personal film for me to make. It's the first time I've ever directed, acted and recorded a score live all at the same time, and this was all to explore a topic very close to my heart - mental health. 

Da Capo is a musical term, meaning 'from the head'. I chose this term for our piece, because not only does this film feature a constant pulse of musical repetition, but it uses horror to examine something which personally scares me a great deal - how much we are willing to punish ourselves in pursuit of 'perfection'. 

I hope for anyone in the audience who has ever struggled with the delicate balance between mental health and creativity, they may recognise the demon in this piece, and be gentler on themselves in future!"

Becki Pantling, Director


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