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In Your Dreams was written, shot and edited in just one weekend as part of the Exeter Phoenix Two Short Nights 48 Hour Film Challenge. It was created under the competition guidelines including a theme (misunderstanding), props (chalk and marbles) and lines of dialogue. 

The film shows an aspiring artist, who fails to understand the demands of a big-shot art critic. Obsessing over creating the perfect visual composition, he quickly alienates his girlfriend and muse.

'In Your Dreams' has screened at the Two Short Nights film festival, and at PUNY GODS! Vs the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum.



"We've always been lucky enough to have a great group of collaborators who've made our creative projects a real joy to work on. 

Everyone's always been willing to go the extra mile, but we were particularly delighted when our team were determined to make the most ambitious project possible in 48 hours.

Their creativity under pressure and endless enthusiasm made even the toughest bits of this shoot incredibly rewarding."


Sam Osman, Producer

We have been fortunate enough to have been working with talented composers right from the outset at Aftermath Films, but we were particularly grateful during this project when Adam Gulley responded to our request for music with an unexpected offer to compose from scratch in just 48 hours. 


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