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'There must be some kind of way out of here', said the Joker to the Suit.


In 2013, over 10 million people watched Russell Brand explain to Jeremy Paxman why he doesn't vote. As the months tick by and another general election approaches, has anything changed? Do you expect Brand to vote in the next election, and more importantly - should he?


Filmed in the Bike Shed Theatre, poet Alastair Gray delivers a fresh view on the aftermath of Brand's Newsnight appearance, challenging viewers to step back from the knee-jerk media backlash and examine the reactions of the interview's enormous audience just as closely as the content itself.


"As filmmakers, we are always looking for an interesting new challenge. We were so excited when we heard Alastair perform The Joker and the Suit at a fundraising event in Exeter, and we knew straight away that we would love the opportunity to work with him on this project. 

This is the first time we've made a poetry video, and we certainly didn't make it easy for ourselves, but we loved the opportunity to work with both a live audience and a wonderfully complex political poem."


Becki Pantling, Director

This video was filmed as part of a specially arranged evening of poetry, and we would like to extend our special thanks to our wonderful audience and the talented poets who also performed that night, Malaika Kegode and Saskia Tomlinson. 

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