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A married man looking for an online tryst finds that someone is always watching, in this supernatural morality tale.

Pulse is our second short horror film, which premiered on the festival circuit in 2017. 

It toured 5 countries, with 25 screenings in venues from cinemas to a disused horse hospital!

Composer Becki Pantling was also nominated for a Composing Award at the Underwire Festival 2017 for her work on Pulse.


We're always happy for our work to reach new audiences, so if you're interested in screening the film, reviewing it or featuring it in an article, please do get in touch!


"After finishing our first horror short 'Steer' in 2016, we realised two things – firstly, that we'd found the genre we wanted to work in, and secondly, we had a lot of things to learn!

Pulse is a horror film with everyday fears at it's heart - specifically concerns about privacy and  the prevalence of technology, wrapped up in a supernatural revenge story. 

We love the way morality tales challenge an audience to decide whether they think 'justice' has been done - and we can't wait to hear what audiences think about the story of Pulse!"


Becki Pantling, Director

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