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A late night drive takes a dark turn, in our modern twist on an ancient Greek monster.

Steer is Aftermath Films' first horror short, created as a spin-off to Wings - our gender-swapped reworking of Icarus and Daedalus.

This time, we tackle a modern-day interpretation of the Minotaur, with Frederik von Lüttichau returning to his role from Wings.

You can find out more about Wings here.


Steer was our first short horror film, which was released onto the festival circuit in 2016. 

It screened at several international festivals, visiting the UK, USA and Canada. 

Editor Becki Pantling was also nominated for an Editing Award at the Underwire Festival 2016 for her work on Steer. 


At Aftermath Films, we have always loved stories that grow and change in their retelling, and we relished the challenge of bringing elements of ancient myths to life in a way that fits with our 21st Century interpretation of monsters and magic. 

We want to inspire people to go back and rediscover the myths for themselves, so instead of adapting an exact version of a Greek legend, we have created our own story to explore a particular facet of the notorious Minotaur. 


"We always like to be ambitious with our creative projects, and Steer was no exception! We shot it over two freezing cold November nights in the middle of a wood, and our team not only worked amazingly well in the tough conditions, but also pulled off some great practical effects shots too!

Steer is our first ever horror film, and having got a taste for the genre, we're really keen to make more. So if you want to see which monster we tackle next, watch this space..."


Becki Pantling, Director

We were very fortunate to have accomodation and a production base provided by Steve and Debbie Osman. This project couldn't have taken place without it, so we'd like to offer our thanks for all their kind hospitality and support.

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