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The Magpie Poster with Laurels.jpg

A young woman seeking treasure in the woods finds more than she bargained for, when she realises that she has stumbled into the lair of a creature who seeks the same prize as her.

The Magpie is a tribute to classic monster movies, and was shot on a micro budget in Norfolk. It features post-production and sound by Hotlight Entertainment and 8dB Sound

The Magpie toured international festivals during 2020-2021, earning multiple awards and award nominations including winning Best Film, Best Director, Best Atmosphere and Best Sound. 


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We're always happy for our work to reach new audiences, so if you're interested in screening the film, reviewing it or featuring it in an article, please do get in touch!

"'The Magpie’ was born from a love of classic monster movies. Leaning into the cinematic style of the 1980s, I looked to create a modern film with an emphasis on smart and efficient visual storytelling through a variety of cinematic elements. A focus on character and situation being revealed through a pairing of precise camera movement and framing with deep sound design brings the film in and out of a realm of stylised hyper-reality to create a sustained and unique atmospheric experience.

The film was created on a micro budget. It was only by the passion of each of my truly incredible crew members that this film was able to flourish and become a great deal more than the sum of its parts.

So, if you’re looking for a thrilling experience born from a true love of film, look no further than ‘The Magpie’."

Oliver Steele, Director


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