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Five friends have gathered to play a quiet game of Dungeons and Dragons, with the aid of a mysterious die. Little do they know, thanks to some chaotic home-brew and a dash of magic, they might have rolled initiative for the last time…

TPK was our first horror comedy short, and is an affectionate tribute to one of our team's favourite games - Dungeons & Dragons.

It features metal dice designed by Tiny Tokens, who kindly donated them as props for the film. 


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We're always happy for our work to reach new audiences, so if you're interested in screening the film, reviewing it or featuring it in an article, please do get in touch!

"I've been lucky enough to play Dungeons & Dragons at some brilliant tables, and myself and a couple of the Aftermath Films team had been playing together for several years before we decided to make this horror comedy tribute to one of our favourite games!

Inspired by the 90's classic Jumanji, we wanted to tell a story about D&D coming to life - and all the chaos that would inevitably come with it.

We wanted the film to be accessible for everyone, whether or not they had played the game before, so we worked hard to ensure the film could serve as an introduction to the game as well as being full of references for veteran players to enjoy.

While researching dice that we could 'puppet' for the film (you'll see why when you watch!) I came across the incredibly talented Chris at Tiny Tokens, who kindly offered to provide us with some of his stunning metal dice to use. They're undoubtedly one of my favourite props, and they roll like a dream. I still use them when I want to make a climactic roll in a D&D session!"

Becki Pantling, Director


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